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Hi Fabian,

Thanks for asking! I should have mentioned it in my original question, but missed it.

Docker version 17.03.3-ce
Host OS: Redhat 3.10.0-957.el7.x86_64

Thank you, Conor for your comment. Sure, I will try to find if I can get the latest version of HS.

Thank Again Dmitry! 
I re-build the image after copying the cache.key to the install folder (where cinstall_silent resides). During the docker image build, it correctly print the Organization name as licensed.

Also, inside the running container, when I issued the "csession <instance-name>", nothing happened. The Alert log has the following entry.

04/23/19-12:51:47:259 (876) 3 Process 876 (JobType=Interactive job (programmer mode),Directory='/opt/healthshare/mgr/') caught signal 11. If core dumps are enabled, a core file will be created by process 877 in the location specified by the system configuration.

Anyway, I will try find if I can get the latest version of HS.

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