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Ok, I just copy and pasted your code and it seems to work for me. Is this the response you are expecting?

And here is the Visual Trace. I added $$$LOGINFO("Constructing Reply") in the first line to make sure your method was being called.

The output is being passed by reference. Are you using the correct variable name for your response message? The first argument in my method signature is pReplyDoc so I use pReplyDoc throughout my method.

Then don't forget to restart your component...I just forgot like 3 or 4 times.

That sounds correct. You should also have a Red Update button when you change the class. When you click that Update button, the component will start using your new code. If you do not have the update button you can restart the component by double clicking on the component and clicking Restart.

If that does not do the trick, perhaps you can post your code and ACK related settings for your component. I'm also interested to hear what is happening. Is the standard ACK being returned? No ACK at all?

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