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We haven't had a MSM/UNIX system here for quite a while, so I can't verify these settings for a UNIX system. We do still have one legacy MSM v4.4.1/Windows system running. I did some testing many years ago on these settings in Windows and here's what I found:

Stack: 64K


Partition: 256

Buffer Pool: 262144

I don't think I changed any of the other parameters you mentioned.

As far as the Buffer Pool, I worked up to this number, but you may not want or need this many. I found that anything over this resulted in diminishing returns, as it apparently took more time to look thru the Buffer Table than was being saved by having a larger number. Your mileage may vary, so I'd try doubling whatever you now have and continue to do that until the system is stable. Up to a point, more Buffers definitely helps disk performance.

These parameters are also dependent on the 4GB of memory in our server.


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