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Hi Arjun Kumar,

I don't recommend an IDE for the complete beginner because it automatically completes your half-written word thus not letting you learn them well. Of course, you can disable the autocomplete feature. But, I think a beginner should work close to the metal. And as they developed into intermediate they can use IDE's because usually at that stage simple text editors won't suffice. Long story short, a beginner should use IDLE because it is builtin and it has basic features. But, if you insist for more complete IDE PyCharm is the best.

Features of PyCharm:

  • Intelligent Python editor
  • Graphical debugger and test runner
  • Navigation and Refactorings
  • Code inspections
  • VCS support
  • Scientific tools
  • Web development
  • Python web frameworks
  • Python Profiler
  • Remote development capabilities
  • Database & SQL support

If you still want to know about other Python IDE, Then visit our post.

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