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I don't think this is possible with the first version of SAM. We've done some work on adding HTTPS support for the Alerts REST API, and I believe Prometheus can be configured to do HTTPS for the metric scrapes, but we need to look at the Portal connection as well.

I believe this is because the SysIndex column is an index and is marked as 'not-accessible' in the MIB (which is correct AFAIK). Same thing for DBIndex. Can't be retrieved using a GET.

Yes, NET-SNMP is the recommended option for AIX. There is this brief paragraph in our SNMP docs about things to check when configuring NET-SNMP (which should apply to AIX as well):

Linux and macOS with Net-SNMP

  • AgentX support is not enabled by default, and the default port is not 705. You must modify the snmpd.conf file and add master agentx and agentXSocket TCP:localhost:705, or use snmpd -x TCP:localhost:705 on the command line.
  • Basic system information like syslocation, syscontact and sysservices must be defined in snmpd.conf to enable successful startup of the snmpd daemon.
  • Recent versions of Net-SNMP also implement VACM (View-based Access Control Model) security and, by default, allow access to the mib-2.system subtree only; as a result, the InterSystems IRIS subagent starts and runs without error, but no SNMP requests are forwarded to InterSystems IRIS. You must expand the “views” defined in snmpd.conf to include the InterSystems IRIS MIB subtree.
  • To send SNMP traps, you must define a destination using the trapsink parameter in snmpd.conf, for example trapsink public.
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