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  We use the TrackWare SCCS, for both our Cache/IRIS and Delphi application development.

  TrackWare has the unique distinction of being written in both Delphi and Cache.  It integrates well with Studio SCCS.

  We now own the TrackWare package and I have had to make updates to the Cache/IRIS side to keep it current.

  (It was formerly owned by Jorma Sinnoma (sp?) who is now a member of the InterSystems team.)

  It works for us and we would want to stay with it for as long as Studio functionality and SCCS integration stays intact.

A real bugaboo for us, besides the ease with which we can check out and check in our Cache/IRIS code elements, is that we would have to come up with another product to maintain source control on the Delphi side.

So, please do not stray from what Studio offers us now both as an IDE and its SCCS integration.

Thank you

Rich Filoramo

InTempo Software

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