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I made good progress and the code works with small files (less than 32K characters).

When I try to load the full file I get the following error...

Error. Unable to parse file /tmp/pictures.json
Error type   Escaped hex sequence too large
Error code   7
Error location Line 1 Offset 29356

For example, when I use this snippet of code...

    r !,"Filename: ",filename Q:filename=""
    s stream=##class(%Stream.FileCharacter).%New()
    s sc=stream.LinkToFile(filename)
    i ('sc) W "Error on linking file "_filename,! Q
    try {
    S array=[].$fromJSON(stream)
    S iter=array.$getIterator()
    while iter.$getNext(.key,.value) { write !,"key "_key_":"_value."id",! }
    } catch ex {
    w "Unable to parse file "_filename,!
    w "Error type: "_ex.Name,!
    w "Error code: "_ex.Code,!
    w "Error location: "_ex.Location,!
    set obj=""

It will work for small.json but error-out for file all.json (Error: Escaped hex sequence too large)...

-rw-------    1 pborges    user    1037250 Aug 14 14:08 /tmp/all.json
-rw-------    1 pborges    user      28750 Aug 14 14:07 /tmp/small.json

So, the question is...  how to parse a really long JSON string? (>1M+ characters)

BTW, the result I get from the REST call is stored in a global and I am saving it to a "flat" file at the OS level to concatenate in a long string.

What I tried 1st was to parse the global, but there is not a clear end for each entry.

For example...

ZW ^result(1)
^result(1)= "{""id"":""0107454"",""title"":""John Smith"",""image_uri"":""https://<some URL>"",""image_timestamp"":""1496781334"",""image_url"":""https://<so

ZW ^result(2)
^result(2)= "me URL>"",""is_restricted_under_18_only"":false,""is_restricted_adult_only"":false},{""id"":""01135433"" ...

Because the node #1 reached 32,000 characters, a new node gets created to have the remainder of the result (I have 42 nodes in total).

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