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and at the first glance it seems not a problem with MSM-Workstation. Seems the AIX does not like your muserver.  I guess it has not been made for AIX 7.1.  It was build 25 years ago...


Hello Roger ! 

Q: About licenses, is it possible to increase the number of licenses? 

A: Did you ask Intersystems, they are the owner of MSM since 1998. And as far as I can remember a +1000 User licence was never been sold by Micronetics. 

Q: Another question is in relation to migration, given that the MSM was discontinued about 20 years ago. Are there any suggestions for migrating the MSM system? 

From the manual of MSM-Workstation : "MSM-Workstation includes support
for local MSM databases on the client and remote access to Digital Standard
MUMPS (DSM), Intersystems Standard MUMPS (ISM), and Data Tree MUMPS
(DTM) databases from the client via an MSM-Server system. "

Maybe MSM-Workstation can connect to ISM (=old Cache) ? 

A: Try to buy a Cache - but I am afraid you don't have the money to get a 1200 User licence...  And a Cache System is just a M-Database. And Intersystems may not give you support for connecting a MSM-Workstation, so you would have to rewrite the GUI with Visual M, which is a Visual Basic with Cache connetivity.  ( I don´t now if they sell this any more)

Q: Does Caché or Iris support MSM clients? 

A: Yes, you may connect a MSM-Workstation to Cache using the Vism.ocx.  I did this in a few applications. BUT this is a forgotten feature by intersystems stuff. AND you may rewrite your code, as gobal access ist different if you use vism.ocx. I even do not know if Windows 10 does support ocx any more. My applications didi run on windows 7. 

And again, MSM-Workstation does not use DDP for server access. It does use RVG Feature of MSM-Server/Clients.

The MSM Server Manual States :  "At logon, a specified UCI can reside on a Remote Volume Group (RVG). A UCI
accessed through the RVG support in MSM behaves exactly the same as a UCI on a
local Volume Group.  You can log on to a remote UCI in programmer or run mode;
load, save, or execute programs; and fetch or set globals. For information on Remote
Volume Groups, refer to “MSM-NET Services” in the MSM System Manager's Guide"

Sorry, that´s all I can tell you for today. 

Greetings from Austria


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