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@ilya andreyev, first of all, the code excerpt in your description should work.

1) I think something is wrong with the kit you have. You said it's 2020.1.0.217. Is it a released kit or unreleased kit? On kitserver, the latest released kit for 2020.1 is 2020.1.0.215, built on 05/12/2020. Can you give me the full $ZV of your kit?

2) If your disassembler is correct, the line it showed is old. The old line was corrected on 12/13/2019 when that file was still in //iris/latest branch.

The bottom line is, I think, that you have a somewhat strange build, maybe an interim non-released build done before 2020.1 was released, most likely built before 12/13/2019. If that's the case, I think you should just get the latest released version of 2020.1, which is 2020.1.0.215. You original code should work in that kit.

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