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Dmitry this sounds great to have a way to do refactoring. I would love to get some update on coming features to VSCode as I do use it often. As for adding the Action to delete in the context menu that would be a very helpful feature. There are times a class is created for new functionality and then gets deleted if a better solution is found. I would much rather manually delete 1 class than perform a clean rebuild. I will admit sometimes a clean rebuild is needed, but depending on the circumstances can take longer.

This is an interesting approach, and I do like it. One question that comes to mind is handling the concept of refactoring packages or class names/files. An example if your cache-dev-project gets restructured in a branch that would be used for testing and DevProject package turns into something more descriptive like RobotProject. When the import script runs the code the server will have a DevProject package and a RobotProject if it was switching between the branches. If one of the packages or classes becomes obsolete then it would be nice to have a way to delete the Class from the server code.

I don't think VSCode has a way to handle this.  Just a little food for thought.

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