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I thought the same, but method keywords have some limitations. For example (AFAIK) you cannot set multi-line strings.

Hi Fab,

I suppose that the first approach (using ZBREAK) would penalize the run-time performance. I'm trying to solve it at compile time, so there's no run-time penalization. Doing it at compile time it also feels more confident, just after compile I know how it will behave by just looking at the INT routine.

I like the idea of using the Studio hooks. I think that should be possible to have one namespace to do the first compilation, and another namespace to do the second (where the shadow classes will live). Having this two namespaces there is no need to change the method calls. The run-time should be done in the second namespace. I will investigate this solution.


I need to know also global reads, so the journal is not an option as it's not logging these reads. I'll try with PERFMON.

Thanks for your answer

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