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Hello Gabriel, you can use the% ZEN classes, as the example below:

ClassMethod ConvertJSON() As %Status
Set tSC = $$$OK
    Set Store  = ##class(%ZEN.proxyObject).%New(),
    Clients = ##class(%ListOfObjects).%New(),
    Client  = ##class(%ZEN.proxyObject).%New()     Set Client.code = 1, = "Leonardo"
Do Clients.Insert(Client)
    Set = "Intersystems Store",
    Store.address = "80 Delancey St, New York, NY",
    Store.clients = Clients
   $$$THROWONERROR(tSC, ##class(%ZEN.Auxiliary.jsonProvider).%WriteJSONStreamFromObject(.JsonStore,Store))
   Write JsonStore.Read()
Catch tException {
Set:$$$ISOK(tSC) tSC = tException.AsStatus()
    Quit tSC

Eduard, thank you very much again, with the% WriteJSONFromObject function I was able to solve a performance issue. Using WriteJSONStreamFromObject () was taking 1 minute, with% WriteJSONFromObject going to 3 seconds!

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