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One more question Rich,

I tried reading the %Libraray.PosixTime class information.  I thought that the PosixTime was the days in seconds since Jan 1, 1970 but I think I am missing something.  The PosixTime is in seconds so I was thinking I could....

  • take a time stamp and convert it to a PosixTime
  • an then for an Timezone offset (for example America/New_York would be -05:00) convert it to seconds  -1800
  • add the -1800 to the PosixTime
  • an then convert PosixTime to time stamp - shouldn't the time stamp show a lot more of a difference?  
  • and then convert the PosixTime back to a time stamp and shouldn't it show the timestamp a lot less  than 18 seconds? see below 

Starting a cold or something so my mind might not be thinking clearly.


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