So I added a parameter to the same file, where all my methods (post, get etc.) are located:

HandleCorsRequest = 1;

And changed: Set data = {}.%FromJSON(%request.Content) back to Set data = %request.Content

Now my POST method suddenly works. I don't know how or why, but its works.

Okay, so I figured out that I was missing a little more code from my POST -method

Needed to change: 

Set data = %request.Content ==> Set data = {}.%FromJSON(%request.Content)

This got me past my previous error and to the next one, which is as follows:

"ERROR #5035: General exception Name 'READ error while reading input stream' Code '10' Data ''"

Yes, I just figured that out by looking at my message queues. There was some random alert, which I aborted and Voila, I was able to stop the production. 

Thank you all for the help and responses.

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