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Thank you Evgeny.  I did take a look at that one, and mine started out that way with a function that printed out the grid.

I am now doing the UI in a .CSP page by having Javascript generate a table of addressable cells, and calling out to Caché to place the 5 ships of different sizes within the boundaries of the grid and avoiding intersections.


Back in the 70s, I had the idea of 2 independent players running the game where the 2 versions communicated with each other via a global, or more recently, over a serial (now I/P) port to pass shot coordinates, and hit/miss results back and forth. 

I guess I'm a bit of a procrastinator :)

Hi Robert.

Funny - I came across your post and it caught my eye because, over the weekend just for kicks I decided to write a terminal version of the old Battleship game and the board looked very similar smiley  Then I decided to do it using .CSP, but unfortunately lost my Caché extension for Dreamweaver so it's on hold for the moment while I search through my archive disk...

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