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In the docker-compose file the command is still 

command: --check-caps false

If the = is left in the command the following error will be returned  

PARSE ERROR: Argument: --check-caps=false

iris_1  |              Couldn't find match for argument

  | Brief USAGE:

iris_1  |    /iris-main  [--ISCAgentPort <integer>] [--ISCAgent <bool>] [--check-caps

iris_1  |                <bool>] [-k <license key>] [-L <<licenseID> <host1>,<port1>[

iris_1  |                ,<dir1>] [<host2>,<port2>[,<dir2>]]>] [-p <password file>]

iris_1  |                [-t <command>] [-c <command>] [-e <command>] [-a <command>]

iris_1  |                [-b <command>] [-l <log file>] [-s <bool>] [-u <bool>] [-d

iris_1  |                <bool>] [-i <instance>] [--] [--version] [-h]

iris_1  |

iris_1  | For complete USAGE and HELP type:

iris_1  |    /iris-main --help

I'm guessing that you mean another class method that would be call to output your saved information. 

Once you have use .%Save() Caché generates an id. I see that you have a field named id, but as you didn't post the class definition I'm not sure it was set up to be the unique key for the class. If you were looking to do that then I might recommend this documentation.

So by default Caché uses an integer for the ID, incremented by 1 from the last saved object. You can get that id right after .%Save() by calling .%Id(). Once you have that value you can use it to open the object in a different method. There are other ways to call up the %Id() information such as using a SQL query to find the object and retrieving the object id from the ID field.  Either way once you have the Id you can open a saved object with like this. 

Set myObj = ##class(Eam.Empdetails).%OpenId(yourid) 

This page goes into more detail about using %Save and retrieving an object.

I hope this helps. 

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