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Hi There

I think it would be much easier to achieve what you are looking for by adding a custom process ( that includes your rules/logics using the code) between the service and the operation  and then the operation sends the response to the process.

If you need more help, please let me know


Yes, I had the same issue.

Some sql ODBC adapters accept the double quotes, some not, it's safer to remove them.

All the best.

Hi Ewan,

Yes, it's possible to call a SP from an sql server, we use it a lot and it works fine.
Yes, it returns an Integer but usually that's not the result returned by the SP

the result is in %sqlcontext, I use it like this :

ClassMethod GetApptsSP(URNO As %String = "3123456") As %Status

  // calling the SP 
    set status = ##class(Hospital.SP.tpGetAppts).tpGetAppts(URNO)

   s rs=%sqlcontext.NextResult() // getting the result
    While rs.%Next() {

        s dateTime = rs.%Get("DueTimestamp")
        s ApptDate = $P(rs.%Get("DueTimestamp")," ",1)


 q $$$OK


hope this help

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