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When it comes to parsing a MUMPS or COS routine the class %Library.SyntaxColor can be helpful.  It works on Windows machines with Cache or IRIS.  It can be used to convert a routine to what the documentation calls a CSV listing.  This listing separates and clearly identifies each element of the code.

Another piece to remember is that the conversion being discussed is changing the language from MUMPS to Cache Object Script (COS).  So far Cache/IRIS can handle both languages and a mix, but mixed has been discouraged by company coding standards.  Once you start using the braces {} your code will not work on the ANSI standard MUMPS.

One more thing to be aware of, is that the QUIT command works differently in COS.  In many looping situations the CONTINUE command is the correct choice replace the QUIT.  Check out the documentation to determine the difference between QUIT and CONTINUE.

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