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I just wanted to add some additional details re the $ set file/attrib command mentioned above for OpenVMS kits to clarify which command is the appropriate one to use and when.

In order to make the file sizes of the OpenVMS Caché kits smaller to save on storage space and speedup transfer times, from Caché version 2015.2.0 upwards we use the  OpenVMS backup qualifier "/DATA_FORMAT=COMPRESS" which can make the kits around 50% smaller in size.

So for Caché versions prior to 2015.2.0 to set the correct file attributes use:

$ set file/attrib=(rfm:fix,lrl=32256)

and for versions of Caché from 2015.2.0 upwards use:

$ set file/attrib=(rfm:var,mrs:32256,lrl=32256,rat=none)

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