Follow the requested information

- did you made an in-place-upgrade or a clean install + data transfer
I made in-place-upgrade
- the class in question is the same on IRIS and Cache (i.e. no change was made)
Yes, is this same on IRIS and Cache, no change was made
- is the class re-compiled (on IRIS)
Yes, re-compilde on IRIS
- what do you exactly mean when you say "Not opening an instance...": (1) you get an NULL-OREF or (2) you get an error
I get an NULL-OREF
- what do you provide as a NULL value: (1) "", (2) $c(0), (3) " " or something else as open parameter
""A shortened

"" String Empty

Shortened class:

Class dado.TblTeste Extends (%Persistent, dado.Persistente)

Index idxFieldOneFieldTwoFieldThree On (FieldOneId, FieldTwoId, FieldThreeId) [ Unique ];

ForeignKey fkFieldOneId(FieldOneId) References dado.TblFieldOne();

ForeignKey fkFieldTwoId(FieldTwoId) References dado.TblFieldTwo();

ForeignKey fkFieldThreeId(FieldThreeId) References dado.TblFieldThree();

Property FieldOneId As dado.TblFieldOne [ Required ];

Property FieldTwoId As dado.TblFieldTwo [ Required ];

Property FieldThreeId As dado.TblFieldThree;

Property Descricao As %String [ Required ];

Property VersaoCheck As %String [ InitialExpression = 0 ];



Set object = ##class(dado.TblTeste).idxFieldOneFieldTwoFieldThreeOpen(1, 2, "")



It didn't solve for me....

Analyzing the global, the values are the same in CACHE as well as in IRIS, if there wasn't any chance in global value.

Anyone what changed from CACHE to IRIS that idxOpen can't found the data?


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