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Hey Milton,

thanks for your answer, sorry but i really don't know how to use it.

Maybe you have an idea.

What i'm looking for is, i have a desktop application created in VB.NET witch save the data in tables without any cache Class, i only use SQL to CRUD the data into the Database.

So i want that some of my colleges take a look to the data on WEB (CSP-Page) with a Login.

Thanks in advance.


Darko Susnjara

Hi Benjamin,

thank for the fast answer,  but when i run the query with

select SUBSTRING(Bezeichnung, 1,9999999) from SQLUser.tbl_ticket_notiz where SUBSTRING(Bezeichnung, 1,9999999) LIKE '%pho%'

the Expression is still empty, when you take a look to the table, normaly the result should be the rows 8-11, this contains the word iPhone

here the Table 

and here the Table fields

maybe are this information helpful.



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