Problem solved:

I don´t know why sometimes the SQL Server odbc driver gives an error when the "describe parameter" function it´s called. The solution is simple. Just change the ExecuteParmArray parameters as the following: Set tSC = ..Adapter.ExecuteProcedureParmArray(.respostaQuery,.tOutParms, tQuery, "*" ,.parametros). -> just change de pIO paramter to "*". 

My code:

set respostaQuery = ##class(EnsLib.SQL.Snapshot).%New()
set pResp = ##class(User.LancamentoResp).%New()
set tOutParms = ##class(%ListOfDataTypes).%New()
#Dim parametros = 3
Set parametros(1) = "2022-01-01 00:00:00.000"
Set parametros(2) = "2022-01-05 00:00:00.000"
Set parametros(3) = 1

set tQuery = " EXEC [dbo].[SPCALL] ?, ?, ?"
Set tSC = ..Adapter.ExecuteProcedureParmArray(.respostaQuery,.tOutParms, tQuery, "*" ,.parametros)
if $system.Status.IsError(tSC) {
return tSC
} #Dim snapshot As EnsLib.SQL.Snapshot = respostaQuery.GetAt(1)
While snapshot.Next() {
return tSC

Hope this can help others !

Thanks everybody for the help !

Thank you very much for your help Scott... but... what is WRC?

lol ... I am new in this intersystems environment...

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