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Mr Cemper,

Thank you again for your prompt and informative response.  I was able to resolve this issue with 2 simple steps: 1. add a self signed cert to the windows server 2016 IIS Manager virtual site; and 2. specify the $domain.$tld in the https url.  Previously, I only had $site.  And yes, you are correct again,  the code I sent you is actually the asmx file which I import to ScriptLink to create the available objects from the WSDL response.  The wsdl xml is generated by the web server in response to the application level wsdl import so that I do not need to see the wsdl xml.  I realized all too late that this thread should never had been posted on the InterSystems site.   My new wsdl import which is working is:  https://$site.$domain.$tld/$virtualServer/$WS.asmx.  Where the asmx is what I sent you.  Think of asmx as pseudo xml.  Microsoft claims it is an xml format, but obviously we know it is not.

Thank you again for your prompt advise and assistance,  Chris

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