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Thank you for this snippet. I tried to insert a 4.3 million character stream (html with pictures as base64 included) and other data via insert using parameters and it worked just fine.

this could be a way, to make this work. But we would need to change the general behavior at some points, because at the moment the db specific updatemaker-Class of a db driver creates an sql, which is then sent to db by executeNonQuery-function of the specific db driver. Might be a huge breaking change.

Thank you for your suggestions.

What do you mean by "normal ODBC Tool"? When i try to execute the same (long insert statement with more than 3.1 million characters) via iris odbc (on Windows), i get the same MAXString-errormessage as doing it via ado.

If you say, all queries are treated as cached queries, seams this is also true for odbc connections for iris.

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