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Thanks for the reply. 

I'm not sure if SSMS is "ODBC/JDBC" compliant so I've opened a parallel thread in the Microsoft SQL Server forum:

Hopefully between these two forums we'll come up with a definitive answer as to whether SSMS can perform the same function as DataGrip or other ODBC/JDBC database management software.

Thanks again


Thanks for the reply.

We already have a linked server to Cache and I run queries against Cache using EXECUTE ... AT or OPENQUERY syntax.

But I can't view namespaces/schemas or write direct queries against Cache.

A recent upgrade messed up the SQL portal in the System Management Portal where I normally start building queries.  Our MID department can't seem to fix the problem so I'm looking for workarounds.  I know some people use WinSQL to connect to Cache and a Cache tech support person thought SSMS could perform the same role, but he doesn't use SSMS personally so didn't know how to configure the connection.

Hence this post.  If it's doable, I'd love to get my instance of SSMS configured so I could write queries directly against Cache.  I'd still use the linked server and the EXECUTE or OPENQUERY syntax for queries driving reports I push out to our Report Server.

I became aware of Cache Monitor yesterday and that may be a solution, but if I can accomplish the same end using SSMS that's the route I'd prefer to take.

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