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It turns out the issue is with the way irissession handles output to the default Device. (Thanks to WRC assistance)

We had to use instead use the following command

irisdb -s ../mgr -U TEST "##class(isc.git.GitLab).load()

Hi Eduard,

I have followed your Article. On our own Linux environment it works well but when I try to run it on a clients windows server; and the following command is run by the runner

irissession IRISHEALTH -U TEST "##class(isc.git.GitLab).load()" 

we get the following "error"


I do not know why this happens, it does look like it has something to do with user rights but I am totally lost at this point as we have done everything I can think off relating to grant correct access etc.

Do you perhaps have something you can point me to to try and get this working, the client running the Windows server does does not want to move to Linux as they do not have IT people that can work on it.

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