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Thanks Julius, but our DLL does all of the following, as well as compiling on our build server to work in our mobile app, in Docker Containers, and in Microsoft Azure -  it's more effective to retain complex business rules in a .NET library so that it can be used on a much wider basis. Also, .NET is easier to maintain in the sense that adding any new barcode format to the DLL updates all of our environments, not just the Cache one. We're into microservices in a big way, Cache is just our facade pattern entrypoint to the whole distributed system. Alot of the business rules tranlation is done simply by exchanging JSON at the microservice REST endpoints (we've also got a QR code Server in a docker container that's standalone and accessible by anything via a REST endpoint), however somtimes it's easier just to slap in a DLL as per the above question. Also, a lot of our team's expertise is tied up in .NET technologies so quite often a .NET solution is quicker and easier than passing the technology transfer information to the Cache developers. Thanks though.

Aztec 2D barcode format.

CODABAR 1D format.

Code 128 1D format.

Code 39 1D format.

Code 93 1D format.

Data Matrix 2D barcode format.

EAN-13 1D format.

EAN-8 1D format.

ITF (Interleaved Two of Five) 1D format.

MaxiCode 2D barcode format.

PDF417 format.

QR Code 2D barcode format.

RSS 14


UPC-A 1D format.

UPC-E 1D format.

UPC/EAN extension format.

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