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Took a look at the latest IRIS library, it is not dotnet standard nor core.  It is actually based on .NET 4.5 which is not even supported by MSFT any longer.  Looking at the structure of the Cache v. IRIS, it appears to be very similar.  I wonder if it is a "port".

As more and more clients of Intersystems are moving to modern architectures that are not coupled to the OS, it would be in their interest to spend a bit of time porting their existing libraries to dotnet core.

Is there anyone in the community that has any visibility?  "Upgrade to a different product" is not a feasible solution.

Thank you for the reply.  Unfortunately that is a really big ask.  The Cache platform is at the central of our business and this is only a single small app that is being containerized.  Based on other threads, we do not appear to be the only ones requiring the support.

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