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OK, So I've created my "new template", but I do not see ANY place where ANY of these templates are callable (my new one or any of the shipped ones). There is nothing I can see in any of the "help" files that indicate where or how these templates are called in any context.

I'm clearly missing a step or connection someplace...

How do I actually USE a new template? (my new thing isn't showing up on the "Templates" list, even after cycling Atelier)

Hi -

My original thinking/concern is the notion that "Service Provider's Client 'A' - has a set of users" and "Service Provider's Client 'B' - has a different set of users" and neither A nor B users should be restricted in login user names to be unique across the Service Provider's total collection of login accounts. In other word there should be able to be a login for "A-client 's Bob" and "B-client's Bob" and they could both be "bob" at the screen, but "A-bob" and "B-bob" from the SaaS application that is being used by both "Client A" and "Client B".  If there are separate installations of the Application for Client-A and Client-B with their own respective web-application user accounts, then the deployment of an upgrade to the application becomes more complicated, where each installation would need to be deploy'ed to instead of a single update being reflected across all instances of the application were it to be deployed in a single "production instance" (i.e. "upgrading multiple installations of the same application" vs. "upgrading a single installation, used by many discrete collections of users")

I'm trying to come up with a "best practice" approach (i.e. Pros/Cons for multiple simple deployments vs single more complex deployment).  As more and more companies are looking to provide SaaS solutions there will end up being more and more multi-tenant situations that should be planned for with proper justifications for "lots of simple" or "single complex", and the system level user identification challenge is just one such aspect of the problem space.

Hi -

What I'm trying to do is having a single specifiction for the dashboard (Cube, Pivot, KPIs, etc.) that will run against the same data, but live is different applications. (This really was a path I started down to enable independant dashboard branding for different applications)

I found a "better workaround" was to have multiple csp-applications that point to the same namespace but with different csp paths.  This allows me to be able to have my dashboard have a "generic" logo image file name specified, and have this resolve to different actual image files depending upon the URL used to access the dashboard.