Hello Vikash!

The Apache Web Server that gets installed on port 57772 as part of the  InterSystems Caché/Ensemble/IRIS  installation  is designed to serve the System Management portal pages, allow the connection from the Atelier/VSCode IDEs.

This Web Server is not hardened, scalable of otherwise "production Ready". As such, the ssl module is not installed, no server certificate is installed, and it does not respond to https requests on any port.

The recommended way is to install a separate Web Server, (Apache, Microsoft IIS or Nginx), and additionally:

  • install and configure the InterSystems CSP gateway (also called the Web Gateway in InterSystems IRIS)
  • generate some Server Certificates for this (private and public keys), and load them in your Web Server. You will need some Recognized Certificate authority to issue this certificates if you need your server to be recognized as trusted by external browsers/clients.
  • Configure this web Server to respond to Https on a specific port (the default is 443)
  • maintain this web server up to date with the latest security patches.

The relevant documentation for this process depends on the webserver you choose, and the CSP Gateway/Web gateway installation documentation can be found on the InterSystems website: