Hello Francois

Awesome it works very well ! thank you very much for your valuable help


Thanks Sebastian and Benjamin for your contributions !

Actually i'm trying to display some SDA fields extension on my Clinical Viewer . I've managed to display Allergy extensions by following this article

I also tried to display Patient extensions on the PAPerson.Banner component, but i'm wondering how to correctly retrieving the StreamletID from ^CacheTemp.HS.ViewerStreamle in step 4 , i did not find the information type corresponding to the Patient SDA as it is described in the documentation here below :

Does anyone have an idea about solving this issue ? Thank you in advance

Hi sean,

Thanks for your answer.

Actually i checked those  HS.Gateway.ECR.Process  parameters, and they do have correct values. I will try to solve this with Intersystem support

I have another question if you don't mind : Is it mandatory to configure a consent engine in order to retrieve data from EdgeGateway and display it on accessGateway ?

Thank you in advance

Hello Martin,

Thank you for your valuable help

Actually i'm at step 4. I tried to use everyone of the methods that you mentionned to validate the access token. but each time i get this error displayed : "error": "ERREUR #5002: Erreur Cache: <UNDEFINED>zGetUserinfo+10^%SYS.OAuth2.AccessToken.1 *applicationName", eventhough i used the same application name for the first 3 steps and it worked just fine.

ANy idea about this issue ? thank you in advance

Best regards

Thank you very much Dmitry , the error was acctually where you pointed it : d httprequest.EntityBody.Write(json.%ToJSON())

Now it works fine.