Hi Eduard,

In relation of my first problem, it's solved. About the second question I have four widjets that user a filter with a calendar, by range of Day. The idea is to use only one generic filter that affects the four widjets. Two of them uses the same date and the others another date. To implement the solution with the pivot variable and the computed dimensions I wrote to Evgency explaining the problem, because one of the date becames from a relationship that exists in the cube and didn´t appear the dimension level when I build the computed dimension.

Thanks for yor help. 

Thanks for you answer Alessandro. The first problem was solved using the comma to indicated only two widjets. The other one I wrote to Evgency telling him the problem that i'm having.

Best Regards.

Hi Evgeny,

Sorry for asking two questions in the same post, for the next time will be only one. About the problems that I had, the first one works, I used the comma to select the widjets that will be affected by the date. In relation of the second problem, the possibility  to have a generic date that affects all of the widjtes with different dates, I still have a problem because I have to build two calculated dimensions and one of the date comes from a relation, then when I choose the dimension appears only the name of the relation and in the field dimension level didn´t appear anything.