We had to chose one out of these 4 book covers for AnalyzeThis, we chose #1, do you agree with us?

Hi Steve,

The %LAST MDX function returns a member and not a set.

What is the significance of getting the last reading (as oppose to getting the AVG)?  Are you doing it to avoid the duplication?



Hello Arutunyan,

Can you please clarify a little?  

Maybe add a screenshot or a code snippet of what you are trying to achieve? 



Hi Chip,

The HealthShare documentation has a chapter called Roles and Resources that describes the relationships between the HealthShare roles and the DeepSee (and Caché) roles.

It is located in the following book:

[ Documentation ]  >  [ HealthShare Active Analytics ]  >  [ Health Insight Administration Guide ]  >  [ Roles and Resources ]


Here is the high level overview (more details are in your HS version specific documentation):

Health Insight is designed to be used by multiple users in different roles. There are four default security roles. The end user role is designed to support the functions a care provider or hospital administrator might need. The analyst role is designed to support data analysis. The modeler role is designed to support users who extend the Health Insight model. The operator role is designed to grant the access necessary for a high level technician responsible for facilitating the transmission of data to Health Insight.

I hope it helps,

Asaf Sinay
DeepSee Support Manager | InterSystems 
Support (Main): +1.617.621.0700  

Hello Ryan,

I just wanted to add that we plan on extending the DeepSee Troubleshooting Guide and add more use cases and details about each scenario.  This should clarify each case and have the complete commands that need to be executed.

For example, instead of writing:

run ##class(%DeepSee.Utils).%PrintBuildErrors(pCube)

we will write something like:

run the following commands in Caché Terminal:

do ##class(%DeepSee.Utils).%PrintBuildErrors("ReplaceWithYourCubeName")


Asaf Sinay
DeepSee Support Manager | InterSystems 
Support (Main): +1.617.621.0700  


Thanks Sascha and Dmitry!  

It would be nice to add links (where applicable), to either documentation or other posts in the Developer Community, that have more details about the topic/troubleshooting step.