For the first time, InterSystems Global Summit is being held in September – September 10-13th, 2017.
And it’s being held at a new venue, the beautiful JW Marriott Desert Palms in Palm Springs, CA.

Global Summit 2017 will have the Solution Developer Conference, Healthcare Leadership Conference (by invitation only), and Technology Leadership Conference (by invitation only).

Visit for Summit pricing and hotel information.

Online registration and agendas will be coming soon.

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Looking at the navigation, should we consider moving the Logout function under the My Account button? It is kind of oldschool to see the logout functionality as a stand alone menu item.

Maybe the My Account button should have "Account Settings" and "Logout" as the drop menu items?


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· Mar 23, 2016 1m read
Triple posting

It looks like andreas posting is in triplicate - I am sure the bureaucrats are very happy - on the homepage

Not sure why...? Is there really 3 unique posts IDs that are the same or is there a bug in the hoempage display logic that is repeating the items listed?

triple post

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· Mar 15, 2016
Tag Cloud?

Should we have a tag cloud on the homepage in place of partial list of tag shown in the Browse by Tag?

or at least a better formatted page than the current tagcloud at:

This is a very very hard listing of tags to interact with. It is one giant block of unformatted text.

Maybe turn this in to a full page tagcloud? Or a multi-column bulleted list?

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· Mar 15, 2016
Communities vs Groups

In the recent march 15 update, there are multiple references to "groups". However in the menus, it still references "Communities" (Connect->Communities)

Shouldn't we update the menus to standardize on the word group(since that seems to be the popular/de facto term)?

Also I was forced to choose a related topic. There is no topic like: "misc", "other", "feedback", "site ui", etc. so I choose online learning

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