I am unsure why this post is showing up in the developer community feedback group.

Pilot error or system error?

I guess the better thing to do would be to change the error page to inform the guest that sharing functionality is available to registered users and registration is free(ith a link to register now)


It seems points equates to usage, so the more points, the more you have used the site (reading, posting, etc)

Some usage actions are worth more than others.

+1 for timedate of activity rather than creation date of group

+1 for showing date (user definable as Jan 22, 2016 , 1/22/16, 22.1.2016, etc) rather than age of posts( 2 days 16 hours ago)

This is a start in the right direction. 

How would someone find this feed?  There is no icon/link/etc.  Consider adding the RSS link in to the layout

Can we have targeted/filtered RSS feeds based on groups or tags?  Or individual topics(with lots of commenting)?

(In addition to this all inclusive RSS feed)