in the UI, change "Related Topic" to "Tags" or  "Related Tags" since "Tag" is widely used in the UI and by people already

Some how the owner of the above comment is "Anonymous"

Anonymous (not verified) 6 hours 3 min ago


I did not know  this was possible?!?!


This also happens on the home page

I have a screen capture to add to this comment, but I am not allowed to upload the image in a reply?


I guess we need a couple of topics/tags related to the site:

DC Feedback

DC Enhancement

DC Tag Request

DC Bug


I would exclude the feedback posts from the Main feed.

Since this site is still new and undergoing many changes(many driven by feedback), I suggest adding something on the homepage(right side) to indicate site feedback is to be posted in the feedback group(with links to it).


This would keep the content focused on the technology and yet make it easy for people to create feedback in the proper place.