Benjamin -

If you are moving to a distinctly new hardware platform (e.g. Windows to Linux) or 32 to 64 bit platform InterSystems will charge you for an upgrade. If you do not have current support for Cache you will have an upgrade charge.

But check with InterSystems or your representative because InterSystems can sometimes be flexible in pricing.

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Sanasa -

Your upgrade difficulty will be determined by your current application. No way to provide specific information for your site.

A starting place: for general information.

Suggest you hire someone very familiar with upgrading older Cache systems on a temp basis to help prepare an upgrade roadmap and then make the upgrade.

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Dmitry is correct: do not try to upgrade on your production server. You may end up with a mess. Create a new server, move routines/globals/classes to the new server and test extensively.

Difficulty in upgrading Cache depends completely on your application. If you use exotic features like $ZU, calls to the OS, third party software, discontinued functions, it will be harder to upgrade.

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What version of Cache and Windows are you trying to use?

You've probably already seen this but here is InterSystems primary doc:

Take a look at learning areas at InterSystems:

Obviously, call InterSystems support.

CSP on Windows/Linux has worked well for me.  You can put together a data driven website quickly, integrate software (jQuery, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc) and exercise good control over the stack.

Sorry I can't give you a simple step by step but there are many consultants that can help.

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