May we submit these for corrections to the bonus for InterLang:

  1. We have a second article for our project here:
  1. We were also inspired by the community idea on creating a real world application using Streamlit and IRIS. Our technology example shows developers how to combine Streamlit interfaces with a Spring Boot backend:

Hi Ikram, appreciate the compliment on our project!

In our design, we focused on specific APIs within the FHIR framework to tailor health recommendations, which meant we didn't utilize the entire FHIR API suite. Ideally, we would have integrated the full range of FHIR APIs, but currently, Java LangChain lacks a pre-built OpenAPISpec tool. Developing this functionality could be an excellent opportunity for an open-source contribution to the LangChain4J project. 

Check out our follow-up article and do give a vote for our project!