Hi Developers! When you submit a Pull Request for an OEX application on GitHub - don't forget to send us a link to your PR to get points for your contribution! There are also special badges for PRs that help you advance to the next GM level.
Submit the link to your PR >> in this challenge

Good noted, fixed in the table and double checked on Global Masters. That will be: 
DC FR post = 400
DC FR comment = 60 
Translation = 150

Thank you all who participated! Check out the ready made video here 
We displayed this video before the DC session at Global Summit 2022  yes

Dear participants, regarding prizes and swag delivery: we will be in touch with you at the beginning of January - shortly after the Holidays.  

Congratulations! Well done everyone! And now we have beautiful badges for all the winners on Global Masters tied to levels - so these badges will help you to move up through GM levels! 
Congrats and Happy New Year!

Hi Robert, thank you for the amazing work you do for the community. Your reviews are such a help for all the developers looking for a solution on OEX!

Calling all the developers to join such a practice leaving reviews for the application you tried! That is a great help for all (and good points for you on Global Masters for each review) :)