Thank you Roger!

I have saved method as generatePass.mac , after executing W $$^PASSWD . I've got error 



Yes, i have check connect using FileZillaConnect and connection is successful.

Status:    Connected to XXXXXXXX
Status:    Starting upload of C:\Registries\MonthlyReports\KARTEL\202006\08\50_8.06_8.06.xls
Status:    File transfer successful, transferred 6,065 bytes in 1 second
Status:    Retrieving directory listing of "/"...
Status:    Listing directory /
Status:    Directory listing of "/" successful


Eduard thanks for the answer

Connect: ОШИБКА #7500: SSH Connect Ошибка '-2147014836': A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.  [8007274C]: Unknown error [8007274c] at ..\..\shared\Utility\utlNetSocket.cpp:1105,0                                                                          

Auth: ОШИБКА #7500: SSH AuthenticateWithUsername Ошибка '-2146435071': An internal consistency check failed

SFTP: ОШИБКА #7500: SSH OpenSFTP Ошибка '-2146435071': An internal consistency check failed.                                                                  [80100001]
Exception: <UNDEFINED> 9 zuploadTest+15^pgw.task.UploadToFTP.1 sftp

The code bellow works, but still I can't put file to remote server.

#dim sftp As %Net.SSH.SFTP 
    set ssh = ##class(%Net.SSH.Session).%New()
    do ssh.Connect(host)
    do ssh.AuthenticateWithUsername(username,password)
    //open an SFTP session and get that returned by reference
    do ssh.OpenSFTP(.sftp)

    set dir="C:\Registries\MonthlyReports\KARTEL\202004\30\test1.txt"
    set remotePath="sftp://TEST@"

   Set sc=sftp.Put(dir,remotePath)

Exception: <UNDEFINED> 9 zuploadTest+34^pgw.task.UploadToFTP.1 sftp

zw sftp

sftp=<OBJECT REFERENCE>[14@%Net.SSH.Session]
+----------------- general information ---------------
|      oref value: 14
|      class name: %Net.SSH.Session
| reference count: 2
+----------------- attribute values ------------------
|            HostKey = ""
|          (Session) = "Session@91273700"