The user interface indeed does not seem to offer that possibility. On my environment I managed to get a target deleted by issuing a DELETE request to 

http://localhost:8001/upstreams/<upstream uuid>/targets/<target uuid>

This did not work with the upstream and target names, only with their UUIDs.

Alternatively, you could set the target weight to 0, but this does not remove the target, of course.

Hi Jimmy,

The problem - I think - is that you are passing an object of class Hospital.PatientApptRequest (which is not a stream) into an Ens.StreamContainer. What should work is

set tRequest1=##class(Ens.StreamContainer).%New(pInput)

Of course this makes the tMsg object redundant, but maybe you have another purpose for that elsewhere in your code.

As an aside, it is a good habit to have your class Hospital.PatientApptRequest inherit from Ens.Request instead of %Persistent. This is relevant when you want to purge old message traces.

Have fun developing your integration skills!