Thanks .

I made both of them to data map . it is still compiled - but no result

I need an information from both tables ( might be from the data / subscripts) and the connection is according 

VendorNum in data (piece 1 ) in SPMRMA


VendorNum which is  subscript3 in TBL .      That is the reason I called them both VendorNum as you did in family example 

the results I need is ( for example ):

VendorNum      num               VendorName 

01001032           01001033     _Infinidat

 The mapping is below , now I switched (index for TBL and data for RMA).

pls tell me which should be index and which data ( it might be even 3 globals and more ) and how to map the globals.

Can you send me more examples?



The purpose is to join 2 tables based on VendorNum  


thanks a lot 

Here is the question.

I have 2 globals as shown below TBL and RMA .

They are shown here partialy ( masks were operated )

The storage is as shown .

Class is compiled sucssesfuly but no result for even the basic SQL  query : SELECT *FROM TBLandRMA2 

Hello brandon 

can I ask about my globals ? I can compile after my storage