Hi Team,

i'm learning about CSPGateway configuration, but while trying in MacOSx i'm confused what need to done.

i have CSPgateway file, and Apache 2.4 installed on Mac. Please guide me further.

this our Inbuild private Apache with run on 57772


but i want run in 80 or some other configured port



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Hi All,

I'm practicing Atelier in Eclipse, but

While working CSP page.

      1. Create new Web Application 

      2.  Open CSP Web Application in Atelier Project 

      3. New CSP page -> Save

i'm getting below error Message.  

/testv1/test.csp was saved locally but could not be saved remotely.

ERROR #5912: Page '/testv1/test.csp' does not exist

test.csp is saved locally but could not be saved remotely.

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Hi All,

  I have a rasing task from BPL using <call>, it needs to add an entry in workflow task list and the task has to rais.

  after performing, 

  I didn't see the entry in workflow task list, but the task gets raised.

  In What is the root cause for this.

  Why there is no entry in tasklist after raising task?, How to verify it?



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