Thank you for sharing

I am new for FHIR transformation can you please few basics for Starting FHIR transformations

I tried these steps in my environment got this ERROR #5809: Object to Load not found 

the above steps are working when i am using %New() and getting error while using opening id %OpenId

Ok,After changing to this line "Set Obj=##Class(Data.Persistent).%OpenId(value)"

same facing the INVALID OREF Error 

The below way is working for me when i am creating a new row in my SQL table 

Set Obj=##Class(Data.Persistent).%New()
Set Obj.Name.FirstName=FirstName   ; <----
Set Obj.Name.LastName=LastName     ; <----
Set tSC=Obj.%Save()


But my requirement is update tha values in the existing row so i am opening the object and saving the values. In this case iam getting error

Set Obj=##Class(Data.Persistent).%OpenID(value)
Set Obj.Name.FirstName=FirstName   
Set Obj.Name.LastName=LastName    
Set tSC=Obj.%Save()

When i am opening particular object in table i am getting the error 

Hi ,

I gave the example of the scenario i am using in my code but i am getting  Invalid Oref error


ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <INVALID OREF>zDischarge+3^CUSTOM.SQL.TestUtil.1 -- logged as '-' number - @' Set Obj.Discharge.DischargeFlag=DischargeFlag'"

Yes, i tried by checking the SSLv3 box still facing the same error.

Do i need to give any details in "Enabled ciphersuites" in Crytographic settings

thank you for sharing the example ,Can you please share how they configured gmail in SSL In SSL only i am getting the error "ERROR #989: SSL connection failed, make sure server address and port (not url) is specified"

Can you please SSL Configuration for Gmail

Hi  Lexi,

I have followed the same steps but i am getting "ERROR #6031: Unable to open TCP/IP connection." error in Ens.Alert Business operation

Hi ,

I have gone through the previous post replies and i am able to configure the Business operation but i didnt mention  my exact problem in the post.

I am getting "Unable to open TCP/IP connection" error so i thought i made any mistakes in SMTP connection settings

Yes thank you 

but i am getting different error after transforming the message. I think the error is the way i defined the my custom schema and getting error in this class "EnsLib.EDI.XML.Document".let me know any mistake while defining the schema please

<PROPERTY DOES NOT EXIST>zTransform+7^CSTOM.TXML.XMLToHL7.1 *MSH,EnsLib.EDI.XML.Document -- logged as '-' number - @' Set tSC1=target.SetValueAt(source.MSH.EncodingCharacters,"MSH:EncodingCharacters","set","")'