to be clear i understood the risk perfectly, but it's trivial to replace $ZF(-1) calls with the equivalent $ZF(-100) command. so i elected to just do it rather than spend longer doing analysis into whether a specific instance poses a security risk :) our code base has a lot of MUMPS in it, predating cache.

Null arg is not the same as an empty string arg (""), as usual in COS.

yes, but the docs for $ZF(-100) say

You can specify a null argument as ""

so I would expect the function to pass this to the current shell as a viable null argument (or maybe not at all)

Why did you undertake this task, changing of $zf(-1) to $zf(-100), at all? Do you clearly understand the kind of treat you try to eliminate?

we have been specifically instructed by intersystems to do this. $ZF(-1) is deprecated also. I can think of a few ways you could exploit the existing function but I think it's probably not good for me to say them in a public forum :) it's used so infrequently in our code (and mostly legacy stuff) that's easier to just replace them all than work out if we have any specific vulnerabilities.

Hi Again!

I'm not sure if this related, but I am seeing strange behaviour when I try and calculate and array property.


Property Amount2 As array Of %Numeric [ SqlComputeCode = { set {*} = ##class(ContainerSize).GetTotalAmount2({%%ID})}, SqlComputed, SqlComputeOnChange = (%%UPDATE, %%INSERT), Transient ];

Even if my method does nothing but quits out with a new Array object:

quit ##class(%Collection.ArrayOfDT).%New()

When I open an instance:

macdocs:MACDEV1>w ##class(MacDocs.SalesMarketing.Quotation.ContainerSize).%OpenId("0||WALK04332||1||20").Amount2
 Set ptr=0 While $listnext(serialcol,ptr,item) { Set i%Amount2($list(item))=$lis
t(item,2) }
macdocs:MACDEV1 2e1>w ##class(MacDocs.SalesMarketing.Quotation.ContainerSize).%OpenId("0||WALK04332||1||20").Amount2

Bizarrely it works the second time?!

Perhaps there's a better way of calculating array properties upon object load?

Perfect, thanks! I'd actually already tried this but had some other bug in my code that meant me think it wasn't working - I looked more carefully and figured it out :)