We have recently encountered an issue which requires us to define a new identity field (named xMDA in the attached example), instead of using the default ID field.

We need to run an SQL query which unfortunately overrides the ID field (see attached image) but we still need to be able to access the ID field in said query.

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Hi all,

We're encountering a problem using CacheSQLStorage where one of the subscripts of this mapped table contains the string "||", which causes issues as Caché uses "||" as a delimiter. Is it possible to assign a different delimiter?

I'm attaching the code of the class as an example.

Class MainCore.System.MDA.msort2x2x2 Extends %Persistent [ ProcedureBlock, StorageStrategy = MainStorage ]

Property Subscript1 As %String;

Property Subscript2 As %String;

Property Data As %String(MAXLEN = 32000);

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