we are updating the data using an update query via the management portal. Globals need to change then we are using the terminal to change it. Recently, started to Visual studio code extension of SQL Tools. but frequently check and update the above would not work out. each time change query parameters. so we created a zen page to do the CRUD operations to the particular table. 

Step 1: Create a custom persistent class to pass

Example :

Class FileRequest Extends %Persistent


Property FilePath As %String(MAXLEN=1000);

Property FileName As %String(MAXLEN=1000);


Step 2: Create a custom business operation and inside that request argument please use the above class.

Step 3: now modify the ..Adapter.FilePath using request.FilePath and ..Adapter.FileName using request.FileName

Step 4: Before sending to business operation create the object for the request class and pass it as the first parameter in SendRequestSync or SendRequestAsync.