In the client classes of the external  webservice, i  changed for the "DocumentData" property, in several places, ,"%xsd.base64Binary" to "%Stream.GlobalCharacter". I recompiled the classes.

After this, in the "Ensemble" connector, i had to do the conversion to Base64 imyself.

Indeed, with "%xsd.base64Binary" the conversion to base64 was done automatically during the transfer.

Now, in my example, fileStream is a base64 stream, and here's how my "DocumentData" property is assigned:

do tsRequest.DocumentData.CopyFrom (fileStream)

I tested and the return from the remote webservice is correct with the same hashing values.

Thank you very much for your help.

if i change property in the client webservice class, will the external webservice called still work ?



This line :      

"do tsRequest.DocumentData.CopyFrom(fileStream)" don't work.


ERREUR #5002: Erreur Cache: <INVALID OREF>

tsRequest.DocumentData not recognized as a Stream !!! (In his class definition, DocumentData is a %xsd.base64Binary)