Had a look, almost got it but then got this.

 [SQLCODE: <-226>:<Gateway query Execute() failed>]

  [%msg: <Connection 'xxxxx': Execute: SQLState: (22018) NativeError: [0] Message: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server]Invalid character value for cast specification >]

Yeah, it's not happy.

If you use Portal (Explorer, SQL) to run a query that reports LastUpdated values

It's an odbc connection so it's not in the explorer > SQL

Nope my mistake, messed up my variables when renaming. Got them all ok now and still errors.

Huh, renamed the variables and seems a bit more compliant/working. 
Need to test it out but might have a winner!

Hi yeah, I could have them all the same name.  But not sure if it'll make any difference.
(I'll give it a go though).

With regards data type LastUpdated  is a datetime in SQL Server 2008 .

I've tried to get a more updated driver see if that would help (no). I also read some stuff here on C and odbc issues.

If I remember correctly ensemble/healthshare has a C 'core' does it not?

Cheers, thanks!

Yes I'm in the UK - but with the NHS and I think my manager would prefer to send me on the course that some of the other team members have been on.

That said if you have a link to your consultant, I can forward that on to my line manager - so it can't hurt.

I've also got a contact myself (from a previous hospital) as well as team mates, just a forum like this is helpful for the small stuff espically when your getting started.

Thanks again for your time.

Yeah, just figure that...

Extends Ens.Request

Thanks, I'm just getting to grips with all of this. My first two productions (for real projects) have been completely different one was SOAP to SQL this is email attachment to hl7 and sending an email as well.
Just seems like I don't know what's coming next!!! Combined with still not going on a course I'm still feeling my way through!!!

Thanks again, under 10mins for a response!
So great that I can come here and get the answers to these little things.