Hi Ed,

At J2 Interactive, we've done several direct SDA integrations into HealthShare that you describe. Your alternate approach of generating HL7v2 messages to send in to HealthShare will absolutely work. However, if your organization is committed to using HealthShare, it is worth the effort to learn the SDA XML structure since it is a core part of the technology. Additional benefits of the direct SDA approach include

  1. More control: you can populate any SDA field, including custom ones you define, without touching ISC code.
  2. Better stability: since you're not relying on ISC standard translations, you don't have to adjust your generated messages when that logic changes.
  3. Fewer Translations: less opportunities for the data to be changed slightly (e.g. like in a game of telephone)
  4. Easy Export from SDA: once the data is in HealthShare, you can leverage standard transformations that turn SDA into HL7v2 and other formats if you need to send the information to downstream systems that don't accept SDA.

Hope that helps,


Hi Shobha,

Can you please tell us how to create xsl file for CCD to SDA conversion using XSLT.

What will be the prerequisites.

Standard XSLT transforms to turn CCD documents (both v1.1 CCDA CCDs, and v1.0 C32 CCDs) into SDA come with all distributions of HealthShare. Unless you have some very specific requirements, I highly recommend using those transforms or at least using them as a starting point.  You can find them either on your filesystem in the [HealthShare Install Directory]/csp/xslt/SDA3 directory or via Studio in the HSLIB namespace as csp files in the SDA3 directory underneath the /csp/xslt application if it is setup.  The root transforms are CCDA-to-SDA.xsl for CCDA CCDs and CDA-to-SDA.xsl for C32 CCDs. Many of the details of the transforms are in imported stylesheets under the CDA-Support-Files directory.

Regarding your error: "XML or TEXT declaration must start at line 1, column 1". I believe that it is a problem with your input file, not your transform. Typically, that error means that you have some tabs, spaces, or return characters at the top of your file so that the characters

<?xml version="1.0"?>

are not the first characters in the file.  Try cleaning up your input XML file and see if that resolves your error.

Karl Naden
Principal HealthShare Architect, J2 Interactive